New Zealand’s two largest avocado exporters have combined forces to gain strength and achieve better returns for their avocado growers globally.

Southern Produce Ltd, the exclusive marketer of the Team Avocado Trust, and Primor Produce Ltd are consistently recognized as New Zealand’s best export market performers.  They have recently formed a strategic alliance to manage the marketing of more than 70% of New Zealand’s avocado production.

AVOCO™ is the newly formed organization tasked with improving the fruit flow, fruit quality management and marketing in both Australia and emerging global markets.

“The fragmented nature of NZ’s avocado supply is something our growers have been demanding both our companies address,” explains Primor director, John Carroll.  “Together we can have a much more disciplined approach as to how much fruit goes into the market, and the timing of the fruit flow throughout the season.”

Traditionally, New Zealand’s avocado exporters have competed against each other with Australian wholesalers.  With no knowledge of the flow of fruit from other NZ exporters, wholesale markets are at risk of oversupply which results in poor quality fruit for customers and lower returns to the growers.

As Carroll explains further, “Our goal is to get more NZ avocado growers working together through AVOCO™ to provide a stronger, more cohesive supply to our international markets.”

“The pooling of our market knowledge, relationships and experience will ensure we consistently offer timely, high quality product to our international customers and better returns for our growers.”

Alistair Young, director of Southern Produce Ltd, is a strong supporter of co-operation in our export markets.

“The combined resources of our two export houses will open doorways that have previously seemed impossible to reach,” he explains.  “Working together, we can increase the value of grower’s product at the orchard gate. Grower sustainability and success are the fundamental drivers for what we are doing here.”

NZ already has some success stories of primary industries working together as exporter groups to provide better returns for growers and producers.  AVOCO™ is aiming to realise a similar success story for New Zealand’s avocado growers worldwide.


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1 May 2013

Avoco Newsletter August 2013